Cannabis Partner Manager

Cannabis Partner Manager

Preloaded with contact detail for all licensed cannabis facilities in your state.

Get notification with contact details for each new licensee when they are approved to help get your product in new stores

Manage all of your partners in one location: Easily track sales history, product history, and upcoming needs.

Easily Manage Internal Sales Reps and account assignments


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Use sales driven data to make informed production decisions.

Highlights fast moving products and low stock items so you always reorder your hot items in time.

Traceability accounting data has never been as easy to access or understand.

Get better insight to which of your products are selling and where they’re selling.

Easily analyze sell through rates to identify which items are prime candidates for price adjustments.


Automated Order Fulfillment

Automated Order Fulfillment

Expand your product lines: Gone are the days of state mandated product types. Organize your products into customizable product lines and sub-product lines to easily manage and compare performance over a wide variety of SKUs.

“Available to sell” inventory – By introducing a sales order at the beginning of the sales process, immediately account for inventory that has been ordered but not yet processed. No more guessing and no more accidental oversells!

Advanced Inventory Controls – Organize Product into Sub-rooms or “Bins” for better control.



Retailer Portal

Retailers can now order products from their favorite producer/processors and wholesalers, free of charge to the retailer, 24 hours a day, and without installing any software.

The portal always displays real-time inventory that’s been made available for sale, which eliminates the possibility of order conflicts and overselling.

From within the portal, retailers can track order progress and view PO’s, manifests, and invoices related to their orders.

Retailers can even order directly from processors’ flower lots for package-to-order as well.